Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vacation stuff

Lizzy, I do so admire your planning and organization. And your photos and planning of your photo sessions. You are so special.

Books read and in some cases reread:

I also spent some time working on alternate materials for folding cranes. I think I've found it. The search has been so much fun. I'll show you if it works.

My beach cover up arrived the very first day of vacation. It's very comfortable. I had it on while I was sipping my mai tai.

I think I may have cleaned house today I was so inspired by your house cleaning discussion. Work is so annoying sometimes. (And yes, it's just by third day back and I'm ready to go on vacation again.)

My first attempts at folding butterflies. I can get about three quarters of it done before I have to look at the directions. (I thought I started with the first one in the book, but turns out I was in the middle.) Did I mention that the Origami Butterfly books has two DVDs?

I can probably fold one of the patterns with fewer tiny folds with 3-inch paper.

Back to work for me.

I hope you're having a wonderful day.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back from vacation

I just found the top of my desk. Two weeks worth of paper is a lot of paper.

Vacation summary:
  • Two glorious weeks of  "do whatever you want time" with Dear One.
  • Four books read.
  • I have a tan. (OK, my excuse for one.)
  • The flock of cranes now numbers 531.
  • I'm learning to fold origami butterflies.
  • No photos. (I thought of you, Lizzy, but taking photos takes me out of the moment. I wish I was more like you.)
  • We watched movies. (Too many to count.)
  • I played Scrabble online.
  • We trekked up to the last bookstore on Maui. (A Barnes and Noble. It was fun to read all the magazines that I don't subscribe to because of all the ads and the cost.)
  • Lots of great meals. (Both at home and out. Our boss gave us a $500 gift certificate to a local grocery store. It was fun to pick up things without looking at the cost.)
  • Had a mai tai with an umbrella.
  • Rediscovered that the little pool in the backyard is blue and beautiful.
I will add pics of the butterflies I'm learning to fold.

Here's the book I checked out from the library. I waiting for my copy to arrive.

I was going to stick to cranes and flowers until I saw this 6" x 6" paper. It was the lone box at our Hallmark store. The person there said they get a box every now and then. Luckily, Amazon sells it, too.

 Here's the back that shows the patterned sides:

The reverse sides of the papers are coordinating colors rather than the usual white.

I've ordered enough paper to fold another 1,000 cranes if I cut the sheets into 3" squares and enough for 1,000 butterflies. With hope, I'll be able to fold butterflies with the 3" size, but it'll take many, many practice folds. I'm not sure I can make the tiny folds that small. We'll see.

Back to work for me. I've decided working part time would be perfect. It won't happen unless my boss will still pay me my full salary. LOL.