Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just dropping by to say Hi

Not much going on here. Lots of work. A stolen clump of fun time here and there.

I'm trying to shuffle my "extra" room around to get it back to being a creative space.

My great eye sight is inspiring me to want to knit, quilt, bead, read, and fold like a crazy human.

I'm actually going to have to set up a schedule for which day of the week I'm doing what. Otherwise, I can tell, I won't get anything finished.

Will I actually stick to a daily schedule? Probably not. It'll help me focus whether I follow it religiously or not.

The Alice butterfly is next in the folding department:

The pattern and the pic are from this book:

Jeannie, if you click on the pic you'll be able to see more of the butterflies. They are all beautiful. The one I'm doing is very easy.

And please post comments here and create a blog if you like. You can keep your blog invisible to the world if you choose. This one isn't listed anywhere. The other one has more visitors, but it's a choice.

This is a completely safe place for making comments. No one knows this blog is even here except for a few special, supremely kind and gentle people. Go visit Lizzy's blog, Gone to the Beach. It is one of if not the nicest blogs I've ever read. Lizzy is great, creative, witty, amazing, loving, kind, and she has a beautiful furry baby. (Did I leave anything out, Lizzy?) LOL

Oh, yeah. She makes great items for her Etsy store. She's also a very talented writer.

I'm going to head back to work. Thanks for putting up with this random collection of thoughts.



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just saying "hi" again

I have a couple of totally uninteresting pics. At least I'm not writing about what I ate for breakfast.

That's probably next week.

I was born on Father's Day and it was time for my birthday to land on it again. Here's the delightful card my husband made for me.

He was disappointed that the Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its didn't have all the letters he needed. I assured him the creativity made up for the lack of actual letters.

I got new glasses. Everything has finally settled from my surgery last October. By the way, if you know someone who's unsure about getting cataract surgery, tell them it was easier than going to the dentist. What a life changer.

I'm actually reading an honest to goodness, real paper book:

The author's style reminds me of Heinlein.

The plumeria are blooming.

And so are our huge hibiscus flowers:

And I'm getting about three, that's 3, little cranes on a string each night.

Work is so interfering with real life.

Take care and I'll be over to visit your blogs soon. I miss you.