Thursday, January 29, 2015

Working on crane string four

I find I'm having a bit of a challenge with my "bionic" eye. I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself about 15 minutes last night.

Then I sternly reminded myself that many people are doing a lot more with bigger challenges.

So I got out my cranes and strung 30 of them.

I also reminded myself that I'm primarily a process person rather than a product person. I also believe that the cranes should be touched mindfully.

This morning, I folded this:

Not great pictures since I'm inside.

It took me two tries.

No tweezers.

No glasses.

One-inch paper.

I'm smiling.

Hope you're having a great day.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh, the cattle egrets are happy this morning

I always want to shoo the cattle egrets out of the way, but they are smart and always move just in time.

I'm on string three of the cranes. It's funny, even when I don't think I feel like working on them I always enjoy it more than I can say.

The "grab whatever color crane" was a little challenging at first, but it's fun now. My only guideline is that I won't string the same color next to itself.

I grabbed four of the same color on the second crane of the first string. What are the odds with 1,000 cranes availabe?

Happy Friday.

Oh, R. I tried to leave a comment on your beautiful post today, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. I love the quilts and little Mo. The beach shots are breathtaking.